Good restaurants in Portland

I’ve been living in Portland for a year now and I haven’t had good luck in finding high quality restaurants in Portland or the surrounding areas. I enjoy all types of cuisine as long as its good. So I would like viewers to post their favorite restaurants in Portland and the surrounding ares and a brief description about why you like it.

Culinary School

My name is Tyler Cornwall and I am currently enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu. I have been in culinary school for over a year now. People often times have mixed thoughts about culinary and how well it trains you for the food service industry. I have worked in the food service industry for the past five years before starting culinary school. Working and obtaining first hand experience in the industry you learn a lot about cooking and even more about and prepping quickly. In culinary school you learn a lot about how food works. The little details often overlooked but make the difference between good food and great food. In a restaurant everyone is assigned to do certain tasks, in school often times you are put outside your comfort zone. A good example of being out of my comfort zone was culinary bakeshop. A class where 30 culinary students enter a foreign place that is the bakeshop. Out of those 30 students, on average only one actually likes to bake. Most of us were very nervous about it, but in the end we took a lot from the class. My favorite class so far has been cuisines across cultures, a class where every food production day you cook another cultures cuisine. While during this class i was often out of my comfort zone I learned a tremendous amount about other cultures food. The instructors at this school have been amazing. They love to teach and have a lot of knowledge to pass on. What I take from the mixed feelings people have about culinary school is simple. You get out of it what you put into it. Culinary school has taught me a lot about a wide array of food and good technique. Working in the industry teaches you a lot and very quickly. I think the combination of culinary school and restaurant experience can make a very successful culinarian if a lot of effort is put in.