Favorite Cuisine?

I’m curious as to what cuisines people feel the most influence to. So comment your favorite type of cuisine to eat or cook below. For me its Northern Italian food.

5 thoughts on “Favorite Cuisine?

  1. First of all, Tyler, thanks for the “like” on my How to Cook Pasta post.

    It’s hard to narrow down a favorite cuisine butkaysdad I have to say, Italian with its intensely flavored glutamate heavy ingredients is hard to beat for a flavor to simplicity ratio.

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    • I would reccomend making a spicy tomato sauce. It’s easy to make a tomato sauce just cook down tomatoes with no needs with some water, wine, herbs Iike thyme and season. As far as making it spicy I reccomend using cayenne pepper it’s easy and you can add until it’s the desired level of heat. Spicy sausage could also increase the sauce. Use it with some home made pasta or a lasagna it’s pretty simple, but tastes great. I too love spicy food, but Italian cooking usually isn’t that spicy. If you have any other questions I would gladly answer I really like the growing food culture and I like helping people with cooking.


  2. I will have to be the odd one out on this one! I love Spain, any type of Spanish cuisine is my favorite. The freshness of food, quality of ingredients, and the diverse and beautiful cultural ties to food definitely add to that.


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