What to do about pasta

Pasta is a very simple thing to make. Comprised of only 5 ingredients. So many different things can be done with pasta. A good pasta should be mild in flavor, al dente and have a unique flare.

Pasta dough ratio:image

1 part semolina flour

1 part all purpose flour

Salt to taste

1 egg yolk to 6oz. Flour

Water until consistency is right


Mix semolina, all purpose and salt together and form into a well. Place egg yolk in center of well and slowly incorporate. Add water until dough is proper.

Home made pasta in general will cook more quickly than dry pasta. Usually about 90 seconds or so. The pasta should be al dente. Al dente means to the bite.

Ravioli are on of my favorite pasta dishes. Ravioli dough should be rolled very thin because you fold it over on itself. A simple, yet impressive ravioli is egg yolk filled ravioli. The center should be warm, but not cooked through. The center should run like the eggs of an eggs benadict.

Post your favorite pasta dish below

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