Don’t Over Stress when Cooking

This is probably the single largest issue people have with cooking. They stress out about it and think they can’t do it. It’s not as hard as most people think. Cooking in a restaurant is difficult, because you’re cooking for so many people. Cooking at home can be relaxing and fun.

If you understand the concepts the details will come later on. What I usually tell stressed out home cooks is to educate yourself on cooking techniques. If you know cooking methods and can then find out what foods are cooked best by those methods that’s over half of the battle already.

Flavors are important. Don’t second guess yourself so much. I did the same thing when I started cooking. I second guessed my pallet all the time. Second guessing yourself will often lead to mistakes and stress you out. Staying calm and collected is one of the hardest things to do, but it will show in your cooking. A dish cooked by a person who’s stressed out will look and taste different than that cooked by a calm cook.

I see it a lot at school. Something goes wrong when someones cooking a dish, they stress out get frantic and completely soil there food. What I’ve learned is, when something goes wrong you have to fix it and if necessary re-purpose the dish. It takes time to get good at it, but not getting frantic when something goes wrong is a lifesaver and will make you a more confident cook. A cook whom is more confident in their ability will cook better and most likely cook more frequently.

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