Fresh Bread

My all time favorite baked good is a nice, warm loaf of sourdough bread. It’s simple enough to go to the store and buy it pre made, but it’s not nearly as grand as a fresh baked loaf.

When I was in my culinary patisserie class I enjoyed learning about desserts, but my favorite section was breads. Years ago I used to bake and sell fresh bread with my dadat farmers markets. Selling well over 300 loaves over the course of just a few hours. People love fresh bread.

Baking is an exact science, but baking breads isn’t as difficult as many people would think. This is another example of learning the teqniques to get good at it. You imagedon’t have to remember recipes and how they go if you know the teqnique. There’s not many bread making teqniues so if you learn them you can make any bread you want to.

For example making French bread is extremly easy. It only consists of 5 ingredients. It’s made with the straight dough method. Mix wet ingredients and dry seperately. Add dry to wet and form, but don’t kneed. Let rest and then need. Form the dough, proof it and bake it. It’s not as difficult as many people think and it’s an amazing crowd pleaser. My all time favorite bread is a simple sourdough loaf, but the Austrian Sundlower bread I make from time to time is right up there at the top. So I challenge you to make a few loafs of bread.

5 thoughts on “Fresh Bread

  1. I do not eat bread unless it’s made gluten free, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful picture you put! I hope one day to venture into finding that right recipe, but this gives me hope that I might be able to conquer a delicious, gluten free bread that doesn’t taste like paste.


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