Good Cheese

Living in Portland I am close to one of the best cheese producers in the united states. Tillamook cheese factory makes some of the best American cheese in the country. They have a 2 year aged extra sharp cheddar that’s perfect for cheese lovers.

Good cheese is produced all over the world, Italy makes amazing Parmesan cheese. Its a hard cheese and its used in a lot of dishes in Italy. Although its not sprinkled over everything like Olive Garden would have you believe. Cheeses are classified by the texture for the most part. Soft, semi firm, firm, hard and blue cheese.

I’ve tried many cheeses and my favorite is a long aged sharp cheddar. It makes for a really good food or drink pairing. Pairing cheese and fruits or cheeses and wines is fun and taste delicious. From what I’ve noticed cheeses are on the upswing, people are getting more and more adventurous with what cheeses they try. Even the commonly dreaded blue cheese. It’s a very intense flavor and has an odd aroma that tuns a lot of people off.

What are your favorite cheese company’s?09-480_ 228

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