Always Taste Your Food

Hey there I am back from my Thanksgiving break, I hope you all had a great thanksgiving weekend. Over break I had eaten at a restaurant I used to work at and I noticed a trend. Seasoning as you go is important. Don’t try to add all the salt at the end. Seasoning as you go creates a better flavor that’s easier to control. Contrary to popular belief pepper is not a flavor enhancer. Pepper is a flavor and is usually at table side strictly for tradition. Salt isn’t a flavor, it brings forth the flavors in the dish.

Cooks, especially newer ones, tend to try and season all at the end. This makes it harder to season well, and it usually ends up as salty or not seasoned enough. The thought is you can add salt, but cannot take it out. It’s true, but living with that constant fear is a handicap in the kitchen.

Seasoning as you cook is a lot better. Season every step of the way and it has a more well rounded flavor. Tasting along the way, also helps you understand the food even more. It helps the pallet understand flavor development. It makes for a huge advantage to when food is properly seasoned. More often than not the food I get is under seasoned. It’s okay to aggressively season things. If you understand how the dish is supposed to taste, aggressively seasoning will lift the dish.

The salt you use also makes a huge difference in how much you’ll end up adding. The coarser the salt the more you will need to season the dish. The finer the salt generally speaking the less you must use. All these things must be taken into consideration. Seasoning as you go is the most effective strategy when cooking.