Knife Maintence. 

It’s important to have 1 good knife, but having a good knife means you need to treat it well too. Chefs are generally super touchy with their knives. The unspoken rule is never ever touch another cooks knife. Everyone maintains their knives differently, to different levels of sharpness and cleanliness. I’m going to give you my thoughts on how a good knife should be maintained. 
A good knife will do you a lot of good, but like a car you need to know how to keep it performing well. Keeping a knife sharp is very important. Several things you should never do with your knife is slam it hard on the board while you’re slicing or dicing. Be gentle with it. Gently roll the knife through whatever you’re slicing or dicing. It’s not like an old school paper cutter where you slam it down. When you slam a knife against the board super hard it’ll create a burr. A burr is where the edge of the blade is pushed to one side and from a burr that’s not fixed leads to a dull knife. Another thing to avoid is letting it slide around with countless other kitchen gadgets on the shelf. A good knife is like a beta fish it’s great by itself beautiful and majestic, but shouldn’t be mixed in with a bunch of other utensils. This will cause the knife to get rubbed around on a bunch of stuff and make it dull much faster. My last tip of things not to do is dishwash it. Ever. The dishwasher will seriously dull a knife quick. It’s not good for wooden handles and anything that’s carbon steel. Always hand wash with soapy water. Also it’s just safer. You don’t have to remember you put a knife somewhere and cut yourself.
Some tips to keep that knife super sharp and efficient are pretty easy. Every time you’re done using your knife give it a hone. A lot of people own a honing steel, it’s the metal dowl looking thing with the usually wooden handle. If not I highly recommend buying one. They’re pretty cheap. Just rub both sides of the knife across the steel, equal times on each side. This will fix any burr and keep it sharp for a good amount of time. Also when I store my knives that won’t fit in my case i wrap them in a bar towel. Any thick cloth you can wrap around your knife a few times will work. This prevents it from getting dull at idle. It also makes it safe. My last bit of advice is when it does get dull get it sharpened. Find someone with a whetstone, or tristone to sharpen it for you. You can have it professionally done, but befriend a chef it’s cheaper that way. 

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