The importance of a good knife.

I’ve been cooking for over 8 years now and something most cooks treasure is their knives. It’s important in a restaurant to have a nice quality knife that’s consistently sharp. It makes the food preparation cleaner and quicker. However it’s also important to have a good knife for a home cook too.
So many times I’ve gone into someone’s home kitchen to cook a meal and have been appalled by how God awful the knives can be. Usually on a shelf mixed with a messy heap of other kitchen utensils. It’s some store brand variety. There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to spend some extra money and have one really nice knife. Having a dull knife is just a liability.
First of all it’s actually not safe using a dull knife. Trying to saw through a tomato, the knife not being able to get through the skin of it, so we just press harder until it does. The risk is it’ll slip and with how much pressure we’ve put on the knife trying to get through the tomato it can really hurt us if a finger is nearby. Furthermore a dull knife is a lot worse to get cut by than a sharp one. A sharp knife will leave a clean cut while the dull one will do more damage to you. Another danger is pulling the knife out of the haystack that is the kitchen untensil shelf. If it’s buried at all and you’re not careful getting cut can be an easy accident.
Food quality is much better with a sharp knife. At home having super clean cuts is probably less important than at a restaurant, however it is still important. Anytime you cut herbs with a dull knife it will just smash them and all the flavor will be left on your cutting board. Have you ever chopped a bunch of herbs and looked at the cutting board after to a bright yellow green spot where the herbs were? That’s most of the flavor of the herbs right there that won’t make it into the food. Also when slicing things like tomatoes, the better knife will allow you to cut consistent, moderately thin slices as opposed to slices where one end is the desired thickness and the other side is much thicker. If that all wasn’t enough, the better knife will allow you to finish tasks more quickly. No more struggling with produce or meats, sawing away until you get there. It takes me far less time using the better knife. 
Now you don’t have to break the bank to get the better knife. Knives range from 5 dollar Wal-Mart disasters to 600 Ferraris of the kitchen. I use shuns and globals they range from 80 to 160 dollars typically speaking. I highly recommend an 10 inch chefs in either of those brand’s for an exceptional chefs knife. Ice had some of mine for over 8 years and they’re doing me very well. Shun I believe has a lifetime warranty and they do free sharpening if you send them in, you just have to mail it and they send it back sharp like new. If you want my cheaper recommendation, go with a vicrorinox knife. They’re about 25 to 45 dollars and they do very well. They stay sharp a long time and they sharpen very easily. I started out using them and I’ve used many great knives since and I would highly recommend a vicrorinox still.

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