Tips for better pasta dishes

Pasta is a very simple thing, egg, flour, salt, oil and flour. With many simple things it can also be easy to make mistakes. Here are some tips to do pasta dishes right. 
Now first off let’s select the pasta we are going to use. You can make your own pasta which really has a wonderful texture. I can share how to do that in a separate blog post. However I really do think midshelf store bought pasta is good for the price. When selecting the type of pasta you’re going to use think about how it’ll go with the sauce. With lighter sauces like with a Vongole pasta I suggest something thin with a delicate texture like Angel Hair. For something thicker and chunky I suggest something like orchetti which is like a half circle. It’s thicker and can hold pockets of the sauce. For something cream based and richer I reccomend something like linguini, longer and a little on the thicker side, it allows it to stand up to the richness of the sauce.
Now that we’ve selected our pasta we must cook it. Always season your water and I always taste mine. I always make sure it tastes seasoned. Never use oil. Many cooks add oil to prevent your pasta from sticking together, don’t do that!! The oil coats the pasta and creates a barrier so the sauce will have no chance of sticking to the pasta itself. Always cook the pasta a little al dente it’ll continue to cook. Never rinse your pasta, this washes off all the starch that will help thicken your sauce.
Not that you have your seasoned and cooked pasta add it directly to your sauce. I always simmer my pasta in the sauce for at least a minute before serving. This allows ten pasta to incorporate into the sauce rather than just dumping some on top. Now you can serve a better pasta dish.

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