Tips for buying seafood

The case at your local seafood market or groceries store can look like an intimidating mess of food. How do I cook that? What will go well with that? What is that? Here are a few tips on how to take away some stress in the market.
First of all know what you want. Have something in mind. If you want something baked than buy a white fish or salmon. If you want something for a pasta go with prawns or other shellfish. Have an idea of how you want to use your seafood, that’ll help narrow it down a lot. I can’t go over how to cook every seafood in this post, bit I would be happy to give advice in a future post if you comment your request.
When buying fish look for something fresh. In whole fish like trout, look at the eyes of the fish they should be clear and their original color, not grey or milky. Look at the skin side, it should have a thin layer of slime. It shouldn’t look dry. Usually these signs mean the fish is older or has been frozen. While looking at the fillets see if the flesh is staying together nicely. If the flesh is separating on itself than it’s probably been frozen and won’t cook well in the end. Also look at how it’s cut, does it look professional, or like it was filleted with a spoon?
With shellfish like clams and mussels always make sure they’re closed. When you buy them, they should be alive, thus they’ll be closed. It can be dangerous buying open clams and mussels. They don’t last long at all when they’re dead. Make sure they aren’t crushed or chipped. When buying shrimp and prawns look for a medium size. Something with the shell on are usually treated the best. The shell should have color to it not all grey and transparent. With crab and lobster I just don’t reccomend buying it unless it’s alive still. I don’t think the ones in the super market that are cooked already have any chance of being good. 
My last bit of advice is buy local seafood. I don’t reccomend buying a fish that’s been shipped from Spain that was caught a week ago because it’s cool, or the eel from vietnam. It won’t be good anymore. Buy seafood that was caught recently and locally.

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