Tips for cooking a better egg

One of the simplest staples of every kitchen, the humble egg. So simple and perfect. You can do endless things with eggs beyond an egg dish, I put egg in my pastas, pastries and cakes. However this post will focus on how to do egg dishes better. So many people cook eggs wrong, or in a way that could be done better.
My tips for a really good scrambled eggs is this. Try using a double boiler, a metal bowl over a bowl of boiling water. This is very gentle and let’s you have complete control over your eggs. Add a little heavy cream to your eggs, just an ounce or two, this helps them be richer. Add chopped herbs. I even really like a little curry powder on mine. I like to keep mine simple, without too many other items like ham or peppers. I really like the egg to shine through. One of my favorite dishes is a piece of toast with herbed scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms over top. I cook my eggs to where they still look a little wet, scramble is meant to be served like that not hard cooked. 
Poaching an egg is one of the most annoying things for egg rookies to master. It can be so disastrous. The egg could break and now you have to start a while new pot of boiling water. I crack my egg or two into a little dish. Something like a small souffle dish, I know they won’t be cracked and I can set them down in the water as gently as I desire. When your eggs are in the water, don’t fuss with them. Breaking and egg that’s almost there is so frustrating.
To boil an egg is pretty self explanatory. I reccomend, however, you look up the doness of a boiled egg. Cook your egg too long and it won’t be very tasty, too short and it will be underdone. I personally like a 7 minute egg. The egg will be cooked, except the middle of the yolk will be runny. This is perfect for a salad. 
Frying an egg. The flip is the trick. When you fry an egg always use gentle heat, let it take it’s time. For a sunny side up egg just make sure the white is cooked. For an over easy flip and immediately turn off the heat. An over medium is a little longer than that. Flipping the eggs can be a little challenging. I reccomend using rice in a pan to practice the flipping motion. Having a little rice on the ground is better than egg all over your stove. 


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