Make your own infused oils 

Infused oils can add a wonderful flavor to wherever you’re cooking. You can cook with it or use it to finish a dish as a drizzle. I see infused olive oil sell for a spendy amount. It’s easy and cheap to do it at home let me tell you a few ways how. 
You can heat your basic olive oil up gently and add your desired flavors. Garlic or herbs or vegetable. Gently simmer on a very low heat and set aside to cool. I always use a mid shelf olive oil. 
When I make my infused oils I cold infuse them. I get my bottle and put my flavors in it and let it sit for a while. I think I get a crisper and cleaner flavor this way. It’s also less fuss. Overtime the oil will absorb more and more flavor. So be weary the flavor will change overtime. Aging it is a good thing.
I prefer to do this myself, because it’s cheaper and it looks really nice sitting on the shelf. I also like having complete control over what flavors I infuse with my oil.


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