My easy homemade pasta recipe 

A lot of midshelf pastas are pretty decent and do a good job. It’s easy and ready and relatively inexpensive. Making home made pasta, however is fun, easy and neat. Making pasta from scratch is really easy. What you’ll need: 

3 eggs

2 cups of flour


1t olive oil 

Pasta roller
Growing up I was shown the well method. Where you make a well out of the flour and salt and pour your eggs in the middle. You slowly incorporate the flour until it’s perfect. I like this method, however I do this in a bowl instead of my counter. No risk of having to clean up egg off of the floor.
I just mix it all together until it forms a smooth ball. I need mine a little more than some. Then you have to let your dough rest. I usually let it rest for about an hour. 
At this point I’ll flatten it out with my hand until it’s thom enough to go through the roller. I start on the largest setting and work my down going through each number twice. I take mine fairly thin for most pastas. 
When I make linguini I roll my thin strips of pasta, cut into about one foot long by roller wide peices, through the linguini roller the machine comes with. It attaches to the back and uses the arm of the machine like the main roller.
The pasta is good to go now. Whatever you don’t use that day lay flat somewhere coated in flour. This will dry your pasta and it will hold a long time. 

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