My name is Tyler Cornwall, I’ve been cooking professionally for 8 years now. I’m a culinary graduate and  I love all things cooking and am looking to help educate people about food and learn more myself. Check out my posts and give me feedback.

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  1. Thanks for visiting The Scorpio Tales! I’ll be posting my Italian recipes soon- maybe you will try one and tell me what you think?


  2. Thanks for your like on my post. That was quick only sent it a second ago! I read your post on GM labeling, it seems things are kept under wraps in every country in regards to dangers of consuming GM foods. The fact that it causes internal organ damage in mice or whatever poor little creatures they test on should have sounded alarm bells. WHY test if they ignore their own results?


  3. Hi Tyler. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Like you I am fond of food. Being of Irish ancestry (living in New Zealand) I of course am dedicated to potatoes in all forms and oatmeal porridge. One could never starve with those! I like cooking, have a strong preference for the French variety, having visited there quite often, and my favourite piece of home cooking is fillet of boeuf en croute. Des.


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