Dreams a Culinary Student Has

Yes dreams, not ambition, but dreams at night. Most people tell me they dream about what they want out of life, or a sunny day at the beach. When I go to sleep at night I have dreams about cooking. Almost every night I dream about cooking something or getting yelled at by a famous chef.

For example, last night i had a dream about breaking down chickens. I’ve been breaking down quite a few chickens as of late, because I have to do it with a time limitation for a competition I’m doing. I’ve been having this dream a lot recently its actually amusing. A lot of the time when I’m excited about a recipe I have to make the next day I have a dream about it the night before. A few times I’ve actually had a dream about making the recipe and something went wrong and I figured out how to fix it due to the dream.

Another common type of dream Is the being a chef and yelling at people dream, or the getting yelled at by a chef dream. I really don’t know why, but I’ve been yelled at by Gordon Ramsey several times in dreams of mine. It’s an amusing dream to have for some reason.

The most common culinary dream I have is about a knife cut. The dreaded tourine. It’s essentially a 7 sided football cut of a baby red potato. It’s a really annoying cut to do well. Dreams about doing 50 pound bags of them. Culinary students have a lot of strange dreams.