Social Media Marketing of Restaurants

Marketing is a key component of any successful restaurant. You have to let people know that your business exists. A while ago you had to be more creative with marketing. As of late marketing has gotten a lot easier with the coming of social media. Facebook and Twitter especially is a very common form of marketing now. It’s almost taboo for a restaurant not to use social media formats. It’s a really great innovation. You can post features and events happening at your restaurant. You can network and vastly expand your customer base. It assists in networking with other culinary professionals as well. It can be a huge advantage if people like your restaurant and content, but if people aren’t fond of your establishment it will show on your page and new customers will not come to your restaurant nearly as much. A case of this would be Amy’s Baking Company, but being on a national TV show doesn’t help either. It’s essentially become and industry standard to utilize at least one form of social media.