The Advantage of Multiple Courses

In many restaurants today its typical to only order one or two courses. The meals are usually rather large and filling. Its become typical to only see appetizers, entrees and desserts on a menu. There is a huge advantage to the tasting menu type meal. They do still exist, but are not as common. A tasting menu type meal generally consists of about five small courses, and can really be a treat.

Trying many things in a meal can be good or bad. If the chef executes it well the meal will be well rounded and not overwhelming. Generally speaking a good tasting menu will stay with a theme. The them could be a region, cooking style, or things to that affect. Usually a lot of work goes into tasting menu type meals, so they can be pricey. In my experiences I ask around and do research on what restaurants do it well.

The food can be truly remarkable. The skill and care that goes into it can be a culinary adventure. You get to try a variety of foods and while you probably won’t love all of it, you’re bound to like a lot of it. You have the opportunity to try many flavorful dishes in one sitting. You can learn some new things that you like. A tasting menu is the chef showing off his skill and creativity, with an array of small plates.

Tasting menu type meals should flow well. For example, I would not serve a consume right before a curry. The meal should flow naturally and stick to the theme the chef picked. This is why I recommend researching the restaurant, before trying their tasting menu. A tasting menu can be terrible and not flow well if the chef doesn’t have a well rounded skill set. The expense is usually pricey, so you want to make sure your’re going to be trying a good one.

Small Plates

This is a really popular concept in places like Spain, there it’s refered to as tapas. It’s a small plate of something that’s generally served with a drink. For example Toro Bravo here in Portland imagehas a bar you can sit at whilst waiting to be seated where you can get a drink and a small plate. Tapas are usually small dishes that are really only a few bites.

In Spain the bars usually do the same. With every drink you order, you receive a small plate. The unique concept allows the customer to try many types of food without getting full to quickly. Other countries have similar concepts with different names.

It’s a really exciting way for a chef to constantly show their creativity. The customer benefits from this with an amazing culinary adventure of a meal. I recommend trying tapas or a similar concept, it’s fun and great for trying a range of food.