Fresh Fruit

Living in Oregon fresh fruit is a common place that I love. Cooking with some of the best apples I’ve ever had. We have a fantastic variety of orchards. The fruit loop is a group of orchards by Mt. Hood. Pears, apples and more in many different varieties. It maimagekes me really culinarily excited. Its worth the trip to try such amazing fruits.

Apples from apricot size to ones over a pound and hundreds of kinds of flavors it’s that time of year for amazing fruits.

Growing your own herbs

Growing your own herbs saves a lot of money, creates a better product and is really easy to do. I’m currently growing chives, thyme and basil. It’s now fall so the lack of sunlight limits what will and won’t grow well. At this point of the year I would reccomend buying starts. Herbs that have already sprouted. To grow more delicate herbs at this time I would reccomend a garden lamp. It helps supply some artificial form of sunlight.

When starting from seeds make sure your soil is moist and full of nutrients. Most herbs require being planted between 1/4-1/2″ deep. The soul should constantly be kept moist I rimageeccomend checking it twice a day. Make sure the area where planted gets a moderate amount of sunlight. Too much sun will dry them out and sun bleach the herbs, but too little stunts growth.

I,being a culinary student, love using fresh herbs. There’s nothing quite like making pasta and having fresh basil to pick just feet away. Thyme for my sauces like my tomato sauce. Herbs on a window ceil are a great way to cut costs and elevate your food.