Lamb has a slightly gamy flavor, that makes for great dishes. Lamb is a chefs dream and a chefs nightmare. It dries out quickly if it’s overlooked even a little bit. Home cooks generally don’t cook lamb frequently, because it’s more expensive than most other proteins. Cheap cuts of lamb are available such as the shoulder chop. The most popular cut of the lamb is the rack.

In America the two most popular lamb are New Zeland lamb and American lamb. New Zeland lamb are smaller in size and have a slightly more potent flavor than their American counterparts. American lamb are larger and more fatty, although lamb in General is leaner than most proteins.

For home cooks I would recommend the shoulder chop cut. It’s relatively inexpensive and is perfect for dishes like sheppards pie. Sheppards pie is an Irish dish that is layered with lamb, vegetables and potato purée. It’s anamazing dish and can be prepped ahead of time so all you have to do is bake it.

In the restaurant setting the rack of lamb is the primary cut used. It looks stunning when sliced, slightly pink in the middle. Rack of lamb with a ratatouille and Cous Cous is popular and easy to make. Sear the lamb and finish it off in the oven.

The tenderloin is usually made into a stew or something of the sort. When I was in my butchery class at culinary school I made a Wellington within that came out well. The recipe for that is on a previous post of mine. If you haven’t had lamb I encourage you to try and if you have I encourage you to see what you can do with it.