Salads don’t have to be boring. Salad is a wider concept than most people would think. A salad only requires a base, body,dressing and garnish. The concept of a salad seems to be some kind of lettuce with some kind of dressing. That’s really not the case. I think the humble salad has a bad reputation, because it’s not generally the star of the meal, thus less attention is given to it.

There are three types of salads composed, tossed and bound. A composed salad means that things are put in particular places on the plat. An example of which would be a cobb salad or a nicoise. A composed salad is the most popular in more upscale cuisines, because it presents the best of the three salad types. You can control what goes where, and more importantly what it looks like. Composed salads are my choice a majority of the time. The downside to a composed salad is the fact that every bite is slightly different. How the customer eats the food is of great importance, so a composed salad must be done carefully.

The second salad type is a tossed salad. The tossed salad is the most common in restaurants. Its easy to do and every bite should be the same. Tossed salads are good as a starter as it will get the appetite going. Tossed salads are generally speaking smaller than composed salads. The disadvantage to a tossed salad is the fact that you cant control where everything is on the plate as well as with a composed.

The last type of salads is the bound salad. This mean the salad is bound with something. An example of a bound salad is a potato salad or macaroni salad. Its held together and should hold a shape if desired. This salad type isn’t the best sometimes, because its heavy generally speaking and its a monotone color as the binder covers most of whats in it.